The Best iPad Keyboard and Keyboard case in 2024

To make your iPad Pro work better, getting a good keyboard or keyboard case can really help. There are lots of choices out there, each with its own features and benefits. In this guide, we’ll check out the top 10 iPad keyboards and keyboard cases for 2024. We’ll talk about popular ones and important things to think about when picking the right accessory for your iPad.

The Best iPad Keyboard and Keyboard case in 2024


10 Best iPad Keyboard and Keyboard Case in 2024

1.Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case

Best iPad Keyboard

The Combo Touch case is strong but light, and it comes with a flexible stand so you can view your iPad from different angles. It’s great for all sorts of activities, like typing documents or watching movies.

The precise cutouts let you easily reach all the ports and buttons, and the magnetic latch keeps your iPad safe.

The keys on the keyboard light up, and you can adjust the brightness to type in any lighting. The trackpad supports different gestures, making it easy to move around and do more than one thing at a time. Also, the keyboard is made to resist spills, so accidents won’t be a big problem.

In summary, Logitech’s Combo Touch is a fantastic choice if you want to make your iPad experience better with a flexible, high-quality keyboard case.

2.Apple Magic Keyboard

Best iPad Keyboard

Apple’s Magic Keyboard is considered one of the best options for iPad Pro users. It features a magnetic ‘floating cantilever’ design, allowing you to easily change the viewing angle.

The backlit keys make typing in any lighting condition a breeze, and the trackpad is both responsive and precise. The overall construction is excellent, offering a sturdy feel and a sleek, minimalistic design.

Providing complete protection for your iPad Pro, the Magic Keyboard has a durable exterior that shields against bumps and scratches. The keyboard attaches magnetically to the iPad, making it simple to put on and take off when needed.

In summary, the Apple Magic Keyboard is an excellent choice for those wanting to boost their iPad Pro’s productivity. Its adjustable viewing angle, responsive trackpad, and high-quality build make it a top pick for anyone in search of an iPad Pro keyboard.

3.ZAGG Pro Keys with Trackpad

Best iPad Keyboard

The ZAGG Pro Keys with Trackpad is a great choice for iPad users. It has a cool slot to hold the Apple Pencil on the side, providing good protection all around. You can detach the case from the keyboard when you’re on the go.

The trackpad is a nice addition, making it easier to navigate your device. This case ensures your iPad stays safe while you’re carrying it.

Being able to separate the case from the keyboard is awesome for people who are often on the move and want the flexibility to use their iPad without the keyboard attached.

Even though it may not have the same sleek design as some other cases, its affordability and functionality make it a fantastic option for those seeking a more budget-friendly choice. Additionally, the ability to connect the keyboard with two devices at once is a handy feature for those using multiple devices.

In conclusion, the ZAGG Pro Keys with Trackpad is a reliable and solid option for anyone looking for a good keyboard case for their iPad.

4.Keychron K8 Mechanical Keyboard

Best iPad Keyboard

 If you do a lot of typing, a mechanical keyboard can bring joy because of its easy and satisfying feel with every press. The Keychron K8 stands out by connecting to four devices at the same time (three through Bluetooth 5.1 and one using its USB-C cable), and it’s available in different sizes.

With tactile switches and a stable build, the Keychron K8 offers a comfortable and efficient typing experience. Its ability to link up with multiple devices simultaneously makes it a flexible option for those who regularly use more than one device.

Moreover, its compatibility with iPads makes it a convenient choice for users seeking the tactile sensation of a mechanical keyboard for their tablet. In summary, the Keychron K8 is a great pick for those who appreciate an excellent typing experience and want a mechanical keyboard that can easily work with their iPad.

5.Logitech K480

Best iPad Keyboard

If you don’t require an iPad case, the Logitech K480 is an excellent Bluetooth keyboard choice. Furthermore, the K480 works well with both Windows and Mac operating systems, and it even has specific keys for each. The design makes it easy to switch between devices, making it a great option for those who regularly use multiple devices.

In summary, the Logitech K480 is a versatile and reliable keyboard that provides a comfortable typing experience and convenient device switching.

6.Brydge Pro+ (12.9-inch)

Best iPad Keyboard

Brydge’s 12.9 MAX+ stands out as a fantastic iPad keyboard case, but the Brydge Pro+ serves as a more affordable alternative. However, the Pro+ doesn’t share the same level of compatibility with various iPad models as the 12.9 MAX+, and it lacks some advanced features like Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and the enhanced multi-touch trackpad.

For those seeking a more budget-friendly option, the Brydge Pro+ is a reliable choice, but if you desire a premium experience, the 12.9 MAX+ might be worth the investment. Both choices provide an excellent typing experience and improve the functionality of your iPad. 

7.Logitech Slim Folio

Best iPad Keyboard

The Logitech Slim Folio case offers a keyboard without sacrificing the portability of your iPad, making it a great keyboard case. It is one of the few iPad keyboard cases that offer complete protection for your device and a dedicated spot for an Apple Pencil.

Despite not having a trackpad, the keyboard provides excellent typing capabilities. This case is specially designed for the 2022 10th-generation iPad.

8.Korg Keyboard Case for iPad Pro

The Korg Keyboard Case is designed to be convenient and functional, making it a top choice for both professional musicians and hobbyists. It comes with a durable case that offers excellent protection for the keyboard when you’re traveling or storing it. The case also has compartments for cables, pedals, and other accessories, keeping everything organized and secure.

In addition to its protective features, the Korg Keyboard Case allows easy access to various music apps and software. With built-in connectivity options, musicians can use the keyboard with their favorite music production software, virtual instruments, and other digital tools.

This makes it simple to create and record music on the go, without the need for extra equipment or setup.

Overall, the Korg Keyboard Case is a versatile and reliable option for anyone seeking a high-quality keyboard with the added benefit of a protective case and seamless integration with music software. Whether you’re a professional performer or simply enjoy playing music at home, this keyboard case provides everything you need to make music anytime, anywhere.

9.Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Type Cover

The magnetic attachment makes it easy to dock and adjust the screen angle for a comfortable viewing experience. The cover is made of Alcantara material, giving it a luxurious and soft touch, and it’s also durable and easy to clean.

Moreover, the Surface Pro Signature Type Cover comes in various colors to match your personal style. It includes a dedicated key for quick access to Windows shortcuts and controls, making it a convenient and functional accessory for your Microsoft Surface Pro device.

In summary, the Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Type Cover provides a mix of style, comfort, and functionality, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their Surface Pro experience.

10.Fintie Keyboard Case for iPad Pro

The Fintie Keyboard Case is designed to perfectly fit your iPad Pro, providing easy access to all ports and buttons. The built-in Apple Pencil holder ensures that your Pencil is always within reach and securely stored when not in use.

The adjustable stand allows for multiple viewing angles, so you can find the perfect position for typing, watching movies, or video calling. The keyboard itself is seamlessly integrated into the case, offering a responsive and tactile typing experience.

In addition to its functionality, the Fintie Keyboard Case is also stylish and sleek, with a durable PU leather exterior available in a variety of colors and patterns. The interior is lined with soft microfiber to protect your iPad Pro from scratches and dust.

Overall, the Fintie Keyboard Case is a versatile and practical accessory for your iPad Pro, offering both protection and productivity in one sleek package. Whether you’re using your iPad for work, school, or entertainment, this keyboard case has you covered.

How to Choose the Best iPad Keyboard Case?

I.Compatibility with iPad Models

Here are a few steps to ensure that you choose a compatible keyboard case for your iPad:

  • Check your iPad model: Start by identifying the specific model of your iPad. You can find this information on the back of the iPad or in the Settings app under General > About.
  • Research compatible keyboard cases: Once you have your iPad model, do some research to find keyboard cases that are specifically designed for your iPad model. You can visit the manufacturer’s website or reputable online retailers to find this information.
  • Read product descriptions and reviews: When considering a keyboard case, carefully read the product description and specifications to ensure compatibility with your iPad model. Additionally, take the time to read customer reviews to see if anyone has mentioned compatibility issues with a standalone keyboard for your specific iPad model.
  • Reach out to the manufacturer: If you’re unsure about the compatibility of a good keyboard case with your iPad Pro, don’t hesitate to reach out to the manufacturer directly to ask. Many manufacturers have customer support teams that can provide you with the information you need.

By taking these steps, you can ensure that the keyboard case you choose will be compatible with your specific iPad model, leading to a seamless and hassle-free user experience.

I.Keyboard Case with Trackpad vs. Without Trackpad

If you primarily use your iPad for typing and don’t need a trackpad for navigation, a keyboard case without a trackpad may be sufficient for your needs. This option tends to be more affordable and offers a slim profile, making it easier to carry and use on the go.

On the other hand, if you frequently switch between typing and navigating on your iPad, a keyboard case with a built-in trackpad can offer added convenience. This option allows for easier multitasking and a more seamless transition between typing and using touch gestures. It is especially useful for tasks such as editing documents, browsing the web, and using productivity apps.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to how you use your iPad and your personal preferences. Consider your typical usage scenarios and whether a built-in trackpad would enhance your productivity and convenience. Additionally, take into account factors such as budget, portability, and the overall design and functionality of the keyboard case. 

III.Protective Features for iPad Pro

The first thing to consider when evaluating the level of protection is the material of the case itself. Look for a keyboard case that is made of durable materials such as hard plastic, rubber, or even aluminum. These materials can provide better protection against impacts and potential damage.

Additionally, consider the design of the case. A keyboard case with a full protective cover that wraps around the iPad Pro and provides a secure fit can offer better overall protection. Look for features such as raised edges around the screen and corners, as well as a secure closure mechanism to keep the iPad Pro safely in place.

Another important factor to consider is the level of impact resistance the case offers. Some keyboard cases are designed with built-in shock-absorbing features or reinforced corners to help cushion the iPad Pro against accidental drops or impacts.

Finally, look for additional features that can enhance the protection of your iPad Pro, such as a built-in screen protector, detachable keyboard, or a secure locking mechanism to keep the case closed when not in use.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can choose a keyboard case that offers the level of protection your iPad Pro needs to stay safe and secure against potential impacts or damage. 

IV.Keyboard Options for iPad Air

There are a wide variety of keyboard options available for the iPad Air, so it’s important to consider factors such as size, connection type, and additional features when choosing the right one for your device.

Some keyboards are specifically designed to be slim and lightweight, which is ideal for the sleek design of the iPad Air. Others may offer features such as backlit keys, adjustable viewing angles, and extra function keys, so consider what features are important to you.

It’s also important to consider the connection type of the keyboard. Some keyboards connect to the iPad Air using Bluetooth, while others may use the device’s Smart Connector. Both options have their own advantages, so be sure to choose a keyboard that is compatible with your specific iPad Air model.

Additionally, considering the dimensions and specifications of your iPad Air is important when choosing a keyboard. Make sure to look for a keyboard that is the right size for your device and is designed to work seamlessly with its specifications.

Ultimately, by prioritizing compatibility and utility when choosing a keyboard for your iPad Air, you can enhance your overall user experience and maximize the potential of your device. 

V.Detachable Keyboards for Flexibility

The detachable keyboard allows for easy transitions between typing and touch screen use, making it convenient for tasks such as note-taking, web browsing, and entertainment. Additionally, the ability to position the iPad at different angles adds to the overall ergonomic experience.

The keyboard cases also provide protection for the iPad, safeguarding it from scratches, bumps, and spills while on the go. Some models even feature backlit keyboards, enhancing visibility in low-light settings.

With a variety of iPad Pro keyboard case options available in the market, users can choose those that best suit their needs in terms of keyboard layout, key travel, and overall design. From compact and portable designs to full-sized keyboards with additional features, there is a wide range of choices to accommodate different preferences.

Overall, keyboard cases with detachable keyboards offer a versatile and practical solution for iPad users, combining the convenience of a touchscreen tablet with the productivity of a traditional keyboard. 

Comparison: Logitech Combo Touch vs. Apple Magic Keyboard

When it comes to premium keyboard accessories for the iPad Pro, two popular choices are the Logitech Combo Touch and the Apple Magic Keyboard. Both options offer a sleek and sophisticated design, but there are some significant differences to consider.

I.Logitech Combo Touch:

The Logitech Combo Touch is a versatile keyboard case with a built-in trackpad, providing a more affordable alternative to the Apple Magic Keyboard. It features a kickstand for flexible viewing angles and allows for easy detachment of the keyboard when not needed.

II.Apple Magic Keyboard:

On the other hand, the Apple Magic Keyboard is known for its precision engineering and seamless integration with the iPad Pro. It boasts a scissor mechanism for a responsive typing experience and a floating cantilever design for effortless adjustability. The backlit keys are a standout feature, offering convenience for low-light environments.

One notable difference is the price point, with the Logitech Combo Touch generally being more budget-friendly. However, the decision may hinge on the quality of materials and the overall user experience, factors that are crucial for many consumers.

While the Logitech Combo Touch offers a more affordable option with a trackpad and kickstand, the Apple Magic Keyboard delivers a premium typing experience with its high-quality build and advanced features.

Additionally, compatibility and ease of use with the iPad Pro may sway some consumers towards the Apple Magic Keyboard. Ultimately, the decision will depend on individual preferences, budget constraints, and specific usage needs.

Both options cater to different demographics, with the Logitech Combo Touch appealing to those seeking a balance between functionality and affordability. In contrast, the Apple Magic Keyboard targets users who prioritize luxury and seamless integration with their iPad Pro.

Regardless of the choice, both keyboards provide exceptional quality and enhance the overall productivity and user experience for iPad Pro users. 

II.Keyboard Design and Build

How a keyboard looks and how well it’s made are really important for how much you’ll like using it and how long it will last. There are lots of different styles and designs to pick from, ranging from super sleek and modern to strong and practical.

Some keyboards have a sleek and modern style. These standalone keyboards look cool and modern, matching the sleek design of your iPad Pro. They’re slim, have nice finishes, and simple layouts that fit well with the iPad Pro’s modern look.

On the other hand, there are keyboards with a strong and practical style. These keyboards focus more on being tough and useful. They’re built to handle daily use and last a long time. They often use strong materials, have durable keys, and are designed to be comfortable to use, even in tough situations.

Basically, when you’re choosing a keyboard, you’re not just picking something that looks good. You’re choosing something that fits your style and how you use it. Whether you like a modern design or need something strong and reliable, your keyboard becomes more than just an accessory – it becomes a part of how you work and your personal taste. As you look through all the keyboard options, it’s important to think about how it looks and how well it’s made, making sure it matches both what you need and what you like.

III.Functionality and Key Features

The functionality and key features of the latest software update are designed to improve the user experience and enhance productivity. With a focus on streamlining processes and increasing efficiency, the new software includes advanced data management tools, seamless integration with third-party applications, and optimized performance on various operating systems.

Key features such as real-time collaboration, customizable reporting dashboards, and enhanced security measures provide a robust and reliable platform for businesses to achieve their goals. The functionality also allows for easier customization and personalization to meet the specific needs of individual users. Overall, the latest update offers a comprehensive package of tools and features to support a wide range of business activities and objectives.

IV.Compatibility with iPad Pro Models

The iPad Pro is compatible with a range of models, including the iPad Pro 9.7-inch (1st and 2nd generation), iPad Pro 10.5-inch, iPad Pro 11-inch (1st and 2nd generation), and iPad Pro 12.9-inch (1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation).

It is important to ensure that any accessories or software used with the iPad Pro are also compatible with the specific model to ensure a seamless and effective user experience.

V.Writing and Typing Experience

Throughout the course of my professional career, I have gained extensive experience in writing and typing. This experience has allowed me to develop exceptional skills in communication and language.

With a keen eye for detail and a strong understanding of grammar and punctuation, I am able to produce high-quality written work efficiently and accurately. Additionally, my proficiency in typing has enabled me to complete tasks swiftly and meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality.

VI.Pricing and Value for Money

When considering pricing and value for money, it’s crucial to thoroughly evaluate the features and quality of the product or service in question. It’s important to strike a balance between what you are paying and what you are receiving.

A competitive price does not necessarily guarantee the best value, as lower quality may result in higher long-term costs. In this assessment, it is essential to consider the long-term benefits and overall return on investment.

Exploring the Features of Magic Keyboard Folio and Smart Keyboard Folio

Magic Keyboard Folio: Unleashing the Future of Typing

  1. Backlit Magic: The Magic Keyboard Folio introduces a backlit magic of its own. With adjustable brightness levels, typing in any environment becomes a breeze. Illuminate your workspace and enjoy a seamless typing experience with your 12.9-inch iPad Pro, even in low-light conditions.
  2. Floating Design: Experience the magic of a floating design that not only looks sleek but also provides a remarkable typing experience. The keys hover elegantly, responding to your touch with precision, making every keystroke feel natural and effortless.
  3. Multi-Touch Trackpad: One of the standout features of the Magic Keyboard Folio is its integrated Multi-Touch trackpad. This addition of a bluetooth keyboard transforms your iPad into a versatile workstation, offering a new dimension of control and efficiency for navigation and multitasking.
  4. USB-C Port Passthrough: Convenience meets functionality with the USB-C port passthrough. Charge your iPad Pro without sacrificing accessibility, ensuring that your device stays powered up during your work or creative sessions.

Smart Keyboard Folio: Simplicity, Portability, and Reliability

  1. Ultra-Portable Design: The Smart Keyboard Folio boasts an ultra-portable design, adding minimal weight and bulk to your iPad Pro. Easily fold and unfold the keyboard whenever needed, transforming your iPad into a productivity powerhouse in seconds.
  2. No Need to Charge: Simplicity is key with the Smart Keyboard Folio – no need for charging or batteries. This keyboard uses the Smart Connector on your iPad Pro, drawing power directly, ensuring that it’s always ready to go whenever you are.
  3. Durable and Spill-Resistant: Built to withstand the rigors of daily life, the Smart Keyboard Folio is designed with durability in mind. Its spill-resistant exterior safeguards against accidental spills, providing peace of mind for the on-the-go user.
  4. Versatile Viewing Angles: Tailor your viewing experience with the versatile kickstand. The Smart Keyboard Folio offers two viewing angles, adapting to your preferences whether you’re typing, watching, or drawing.

Choosing the Right Folio for You:

  1. For the Tech Enthusiast: If you crave the latest technology and love the idea of a backlit keyboard, a floating design, and the added functionality of a trackpad, the Magic Keyboard Folio is your tech-savvy companion.
  2. For the On-the-Go User: If simplicity, portability, and reliability are your top priorities, the Smart Keyboard Folio is your go-to choice. With a focus on convenience and durability, it’s the perfect companion for those constantly on the move.

Tips for Using an iPad with a Keyboard

Maximize your iPad’s potential with these tips for using a keyboard. Boost productivity by mastering shortcuts, enhancing typing efficiency, and exploring keyboard settings for a seamless iPad experience.

I.Optimize Your Keyboard Setup:

Begin by ensuring that your keyboard is properly connected and optimized for your iPad. Navigate to Settings > Bluetooth, pair your devices, and explore keyboard settings to customize shortcuts and preferences.

II.Master the Keyboard Shortcuts:

Elevate your efficiency by mastering essential keyboard shortcuts. From basic commands to advanced functions, familiarize yourself with time-saving combinations like Command+C (copy) and Command+V (paste).

III.Explore Multitasking Gestures:

Tap into the power of multitasking gestures to enhance your workflow. Learn how to effortlessly switch between apps, split the screen, and access the app switcher for a seamless multitasking experience.

Embrace the convenience of Spotlight Search (Command + Space) to quickly locate apps, files, and information across your iPad Pro using your magic keyboard for iPad. This powerful tool can save you valuable time, ensuring you find what you need at your fingertips.

V.Customize Your Keyboard Shortcuts:

Tailor your iPad experience by creating personalized keyboard shortcuts. Navigate to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement to streamline frequently used phrases and commands.

VI.Utilize External Accessories:

Expand your iPad’s capabilities by incorporating external accessories such as a mouse or trackpad. This transforms your iPad into a versatile workstation, providing precise control and enhancing your overall user experience.

VII.Master the Art of Split View:

Take advantage of the Split View feature to run two apps side by side. This is particularly useful for comparing documents, referencing information while writing, or engaging in simultaneous tasks without missing a beat.

VIII.Customize the iPad Dock:

Organize your workspace by customizing the iPad Dock with your most-used apps. Pin frequently accessed apps for quick access, optimizing your workflow and minimizing unnecessary navigation.

XI.Embrace Third-Party Keyboard Apps:

Explore the diverse world of third-party keyboard apps available on the App Store. From advanced text prediction to customizable layouts, these apps offer a plethora of options to enhance your typing experience.

X.Regular Software Updates:

Stay on the cutting edge of functionality by ensuring your iPad’s software is up to date. Regularly check for updates in Settings > General > Software Update to access the latest features and optimizations.


Selecting the right iPad keyboard from a variety of options may seem confusing, but it’s manageable. Think about things like if it works with your iPad, the design of the keys, how it connects, if it has backlighting, and how long the battery lasts. Checking customer reviews and comparing keyboards will help you make a smart choice. When you invest in a good iPad keyboard, you’ll improve your typing and get more work done.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Apple smart keyboard and Magic Keyboard?

The Apple Smart Keyboard and Magic Keyboard are both designed for use with iPad devices, but there are some key differences between the two. The Smart Keyboard is a lightweight and slim option, while the Magic Keyboard offers a more traditional keyboard experience with its responsive keys and trackpad functionality. Both provide a convenient typing and protective case solution for iPad users.

How do I choose a keyboard for my iPad?

When selecting a keyboard for your iPad, it’s important to consider your specific needs and preferences. You should take into account factors such as keyboard size, compatibility with your iPad model, connectivity options, and additional features like backlit keys or a trackpad. Researching and comparing different options will help you make an informed decision.

Why would you use a keyboard on an iPad?

Using a keyboard on an iPad can enhance productivity and make typing more efficient. It provides a tactile feel and allows for faster and more accurate typing with bluetooth keyboards and iPad, especially for longer documents or emails.

Can I use regular keyboard with iPad Pro?

Yes, the iPad Pro is compatible with regular keyboards. You can connect a regular keyboard to your iPad Pro using a Lightning to USB adapter. This will allow you to type more comfortably and efficiently on your iPad Pro, offering a more traditional typing experience.

How do I switch my iPad to an external keyboard?

To switch your iPad to an external keyboard, first make sure the keyboard is compatible with your device. Then, turn on the keyboard and navigate to your iPad’s settings. Select “Bluetooth” and wait for your keyboard to appear in the list of devices. Once it appears, tap on it to connect.

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